10 Worst Things About Being a Pianist

There is hardly an instrument that oozes classes like the piano. It looks picturesque and, more importantly, sounds elegant, which is why many people try to learn the instrument. Speaking as someone who took piano classes at the age of 7, I can assure you that it takes years of practice to master and even decades to perfect. It is a very demanding instrument and requires constant concentration from the musician. While being a pianist is mostly awesome, there are a few times when we wish the instrument would just fall on us and end our misery. Without further ado, here’s my list of the ten worst things about being a pianist.


1. “Play a tune for me, mate.”

If you (like me) have ever made the mistake of uploading a picture of yourself playing the instrument on social media, your friends will have said this to you at least once. If only there were a way to let people know that not everyone who plays the piano is Beethoven. If only.

2. Transportation

I understand that the piano isn’t designed to be taken from point A to B, but there are times when transportation is crucial e.g. parties, concerts, and gigs. It is at these times that I wish I had gotten violin classes instead. Not only is it difficult to move a piano, but it is also very easy to get injured during the process.

3. Drowning Out in Concerts

Pianists who have played gigs with their bands know exactly what I’m talking about here. You’re somehow able to get the piano to the gig. You’re sitting backstage waiting for your band to be introduced and you’re all pumped up, but when the concert begins, you see that the organizers have given the microphones only to the vocalist and the guitarists. Nothing’s more infuriating than your piano’s sound getting suppressed in concerts, and by your band members no less. Et tu, Brute? Continue reading “10 Worst Things About Being a Pianist”